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For years you thought the Amish only made great furniture, but now you can experience one of the most cherished secrets from Amish culture -- the Amish Condom. 

Made from durable pine wood, it will stand up to any challenge. And, just like old furniture, every notch, nick and scratch tells a story.  Imagine the countless hours you'll experience reminiscing with your partner about how the teeth marks got there.


Our smallest condom, the "Woodpecker", great for that little fella who's just starting out. The "Country Gentleman" is for the average man and gets the job done nicely for most. And finally, the "Barn Raiser", easily supports the biggest man-hammer out there.

All three sizes are included!




Visit the Amish Condoms channel on for our latest videos. Stay tuned! Hezekiah is fiddling with his video camera all the time.


Who says money can't buy you a threesome? 

What could make the perfect set of condoms even better? How about a vintage-styled tee from American Apparel. This combo package has it all... a condom for any sized man and a vintage-styled "Put the Wood to Her" t-shirt!