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Terms and Conditions


We make every effort to get orders shipped within one (1) business day of receipt of order, if product is in stock.  We currently only offer ground shipping service. We make every effort to notify customers on our website when products are backordered.

NOTE: Delivery to rural areas, remote locations, and military facilities can be delayed.  Deliveries made during holidays or extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornados, snow or other heavy weather may be delayed. These delays are and act of god and out of our control and we cannot be held responsible.  We appreciate your patience and understanding in this area. 


If your product is damaged during shipment, please take a digital photo of the damaged product and email it to for review.


Due to the nature of this adult novelty product, we will not accept returns for any reason.


Amish Condoms will not sell, trade or give your personal information to any person or company. We respect your privacy and will make all reasonable efforts to preserve the privacy and safety of your personal information. We will, at times, make special offers to our customers and users of our domains. We will discontinue sending offers in a timely manner to any customer requesting we cease contact. Amish Condoms retains all customer data. Should the company be sold, merge with another company or change ownership the customer data may be given to the new ownership. 

This product is a novelty. It is not made for use on or inside your body (or that of someone else), and if you use if for this purpose you assume a risk of personal injury against which we do not indemnify you if you do not use it strictly under medical supervision. Different people’s bodies react differently and we have not taken your personal circumstances into account when manufacturing this product which may cause harm if used contrary to the instructions of your physician. By opening the box and using the product you agree that your maximum claim against us if you use the product inside your body or someone else’s body without direct medical supervision is no more than five times the purchase price of the item. To claim the under this warranty, send us your receipt, the item, these conditions or a copy of them, and, if you used the product under medical supervision, a certificate from the supervising medical practitioner. You breach the terms of this warranty if you are actually having sex with the medical practitioner whilst being supervised. You further agree by opening the box and using the product that the law which applies to this transaction is the law of Western Samoa and that you will submit to compulsory binding arbitration in the event of any claim through the on-line arbitration service provided by R P Emery and Co of New South Wales, Australia with costs to be awarded against the losing party.